One of the best ways to address our Region’s housing needs is the creation of additional homes. This type of small-scale development can happen nearly anywhere, especially in our villages and residential areas. It can span from merely sharing your home through Homeshare to building a multi-unit dwelling. In between these two bookends, there is a lot of room to add a housing unit on existing lots. Many lots are double lots - big enough to cut in half and make a whole new lot and home on. All homes in Vermont can also add an ‘accessory dwelling’ (ADU). These could be inside existing structures, added or, or freestanding. New Hampshire has a few more restrictions on how ADUS are treated, but it they are still relatively easy to permit. These are great when the owner will rent out the house or the ADU and live in the other home. Some may find it easier to just sell the additional unit, often creating a formal duplex. Either way, there are several steps a project will go through.