Keys to the Valley Tenets

  • Regional Planning Commissions have a duty to plan for and promote housing for all income levels.
  • Having residents with diverse income levels makes a community stronger.
  • Having employees live in or near the town they work makes families, communities, and businesses stronger.
  • Having many residents in central core areas makes them more vibrant centers.
  • A home’s location, energy use, price, and access to services all serve to make the home functional for its tenant.
  • Access to transit near homes is essential to making them suitable for independent living.
  • Homes shall not be segregated by public action based on their occupants.


Principles for Future Homes

  • People should be able to afford to live in the town in which they work.
  • To meet the needs of residents at all stages in their lives, communities should have a mix of home sizes and types.
  • The environmental quality and safety of homes shall not be compromised for affordability.
  • Homes must be energy efficient.
  • Municipalities have a duty to plan for and promote housing for all.
  • Every community should foster an adaptable housing stock and regulatory system that may shift with changing desires, demographics, and environmental and health concerns.