Resident Survey 

The public opinion survey asked residents about both their present housing situation and their opinion of current and future housing needsThe survey was conducted between February and May 2020, spanning the time before and during the initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, homeowners were wellrepresented while there was a lower response rate among renters, those under age 45 (Figure 2), lowincome households (Figure 1), and those who identify as homeless.  

  • 1,221 total responses representing 2,349 adults and 252 minors. 
  • Participation from all communities in the region (55% New Hampshire, 45% Vermont) 
  • 194 Renter (16%), 920 Homeowner (80%) & 10 Homeless (1%) households 
  • 208 households (17%) have lived in the region for 5 years or less 
  • 900 households (74%) that are living in single-family or manufactured homes 

Municipal Survey 

The municipal survey asked municipal officials and volunteers (such as town planners, zoning administrators, select and planning board members) in all communities about four general topics: 

  • Perceived barriers to new housing 
  • What attracts new residents to their municipality 
  • Public infrastructure 
  • Local regulations 

Respondents included (additional details in the appendix): 

  • 139 total responses representing 50 municipalities and 1 county (20 New Hampshire, 30 Vermont, 1 New Hampshire County) 
  • 85 (62%) officials from smaller communities with under 3,000 population, 48 (35%) from larger communities with over 3,000 population