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Comments will be accepted through Monday January 23rd. Please submit your comments through this online form. The form will also ask for your input on efforts UVLSRPC may undertake next to help address the housing issue.

The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) is a collective perspective and analysis of the current housing crisis in the New Hampshire Upper Valley Lake Sunapee (UVLS) region. While not intended to be an exhaustive list of housing problems and solutions, the RHNA is part of a greater endeavor towards increasing the number of homes that are affordable and appropriate to the region’s needs. The RHNA fulfills New Hampshire Revised Statute Annotated (RSA) 36:47 (II), requirements of the American Rescue Plan funding, and the recommendation of the Council on Housing Stability 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. 

Your feedback on this RHNA are important. All comments will be read and considered to inform changes in the final report. This is an opportunity to:

  • make your voice heard as part of public record
  • inform an important guiding document for the region
  • lay out the facts and whether this document is in line or misaligned
  • share your story and whether you are represented in this report

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The purpose of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Fair Housing Equity Assessment is to provide current, regional, and local data on housing needs and to fulfill RSA 36:47(II) statutory requirements, requirements of the American Rescue Plan funding, and the recommendation of the Council on Housing Stability 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

This assessment is a highly anticipated review of the current housing trends and needs and will identify future housing needs and opportunities. One goal of the assessment is to provide a foundation of housing trends for communities to begin addressing housing barriers and opportunities. This assessment will be utilized to frame the conversation around solutions on a community-by-community basis and to determine compliance with the Workforce Housing Statute (RSA 674:58-61).

The Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA) portion of the assessment is a tool utilized by HUD to identify disparities of burdens and benefits experienced by different population groups, particularly communities of interest identified in the framework. The FHEA elements included in this assessment fulfill the requirements of American Rescue Plan state of New Hampshire funding.

NHRSA 36:47(II) requires that “For the purpose of assisting municipalities in complying with RSA 674:2, III(l), each regional planning commission shall compile a regional housing needs assessment, which shall include an assessment of the regional need for housing for persons and families of all levels of income.” RSA 36:47(II) states that the regional housing needs assessment shall be updated every 5 years and made available to all municipalities in the planning region.

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