Providing better and more affordable home options for residents is a shared challenge across the greater Upper Valley region. While communities, developers, and partners must ultimately adopt strategies that work best for them, learning what has worked in other communities (both in and outside the region) is a critical step in the process. 

This report presents “models” for delivering needed home options that have been proven effective in similar communities and regions. Information in this report can be cited by municipal staff, elected officials, developers, board members, and residents – anyone who is interested in improving homes in their community. 

The challenge of providing affordable, quality home options will continue to evolve over time. The models presented in this report have been shown to work for current challenges, but will need to be continually evaluated moving forward. 

This report focuses on several areas of home development: 

  • Financial and organizational models – overcoming challenges in financing the construction and operation of homes that are affordable, plus examples of organizational structures for providing affordable homes. 
Newport, NH