Here is an example of a modular home. The set crew is assembling the modules together on site. Source:

In Vermont, all new home construction is subject to the state building energy standards.  With only a few exceptions, all new Vermont homes will be built to base-level energy efficiency standards, which will help to make heating and cooling the homes more efficient.   

If in New Hampshire, you may wish to meet these standards, or anyone in either state may wish to exceed them and reduce your long-term operational costs even more.  NetZero homes or NetZero-ready homes are a consideration to do so.  Simply put, a NetZero home produces as much energy (i.e. renewable energy generation) that the house uses to operate.   For more information on NetZero homes, see Efficiency Vermont’s website.  With a little bit of up-front work, you can make it easier to make improvements later, for example installing an electric hook-up on the roof for future solar panels.  Vital Communities energy program provides resources to help residents improve home energy efficiencies.