Abenaki Springs housing project in Walpole, NH. Source: https://avanrudevelopment.jimbo.com/

This part of Vermont and New Hampshire have an amazingly large number of modular home builders to choose from.  There are too many to list here, but some of these modular home companies include, but are not limited to, Vermod, Preferred Building Systems, Huntington Homes, and Unity Homes.

Some benefits of modular houses: components are built in a climate-controlled environment, a home can generally be built faster than stick-built onsite construction, pricing is fixed, and scheduling is consistent.  In 2018-2019, costs for modular homes in the Connecticut River Valley generally ranged between $120 to $200 per square foot.   

A modular approach can also be employed to provide rentals quicker and less expensively.  An example of that is the Abenaki Springs housing project in Walpole, NH by Avanru Development Group (see Figure 4).  Avanru has developed a way to produce apartments as modular components and has learned to expedite the design and construction timeframes.  Phase 1 of the Abenaki Springs development offers 784 square-foot one-bedroom units and 1,176 square-foot two-bedroom two-bath units.  Phase 2 has 665 square-foot one-bedroom units and 1,010 square foot two-bedroom two-bath units.