Municipal efforts are key to addressing housing challenges faced by the greater Upper Valley region (region). As regional planning commissions, there is a significant focus in the Keys to the Valley Toolbox where municipal leaders play an important role. This includes actions in planning, municipal and public education, land use or other regulations, and implementation of projects that foster homes our communities and region need. 

We have come to identify critical actions we recommend municipal leaders’ review. Although any action may be relevant to your community, some tend to be more important to communities of a certain size. Thus, we have highlighted different areas for small and large communities. These do not include all important actions; however, we feel they are important first landing areas in the Toolbox. 

For all communities:  

  1. Improve Access to Emergency Housing (Action Area B, Objective 2) 
  2. Increase Municipal Involvement and Address Regulatory Barriers for Homes with Supportive Services (Action Area D, Objective 3, Strategy 1) 

For smaller communities: 

  1. Provide Homes in Good Condition (Action Area C, Objective 2) 
  2. Take a Balanced Approach to Natural Resource Conservation and Development of New Homes (Action Area F, Objective 4) 

For larger communities and regional centers:  

  1. Revise Local Permitting (Action Area D, Objective 1)
  2. Improve Oversight and Support for Safe Homes (Action Area B, Objective 3) 
  3. Foster Community Champions of the Homes we Need (Action Area D, Objective 3)