As a resident of the greater Upper Valley region, you may have seen the impacts of housing costs, supply, and quality in your community, or experienced them yourself. The future of housing in our region depends on residents rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. Here are a few different ways to rise to this challenge. 

Learn about the region’s housing challenges. Consult the resources on this website to learn about the homes we have and those that we need, both in your community and the larger region. 

  1. Home Conditions & Needs Snapshot 
  2. Public & Municipal Perspectives 
  3. Visualizing New Homes in Our Communities
  4. Models of Homes  
  5. Explore Resident Stories of Home and Data on the Open Data Portal 

Get involved in local planning. Learn more about your community’s regulations and Master Plan (NH) or Town Plan (VT) to identify opportunities for improvements. Get involved with your local boards, swap perspectives with other citizens, and push for change through community building. 

Toolbox Landing Areas: 

  1. Foster Community Champions of the Homes We Need (Action Area D, Objective 3, Strategy 1)  

2. Municipal Toolbox Guidance 

Own a home or some land? You can help create needed homes and make a little money too. Convert an existing structure or part of your home to an accessory dwelling unit. Subdivide your land and build a small duplex to rent out. Renters can help make a dent in our housing challenges as well. Have extra space? Consider joining a Homeshare program, which helps to provide or maintain a home for a citizen who needs help around the house. 

Toolbox Landing Area: Strengthen Homeowners as Developers (Action Area E, Objective 4.1) 

Are you a tenant? Know your rights! You are entitled to certain rights for living conditions in your rented home. Sharing information on tenant rights with your friends and family can help ensure they are aware of their rights as well. 

  1. Finding Common Ground: The Definitive Guide to Renting in Vermont 
  2. NH Legal Aid: Tenant Rights Overview