The summer is in full swing and so is Keys to the Valley! The Steering Advisory Committee will be meeting very soon and work is underway on data collection, outreach and regulatory review. Our staff will be tabling around the region this Fall getting the word out about Keys. Stay tuned to hear where we will be. Maybe you can come visit!?

Until then, a few news items to consider.

How do we keep our homes in good shape? Here is a story from Arlington Vermont, just south of our region, where a new pilot program for home rehabilitation financing is happening. From VPR, “Housing Pilot Program In Arlington Hopes To Make Fixer-Uppers More Affordable.”

And in New Hampshire… schools need housing, says this economist, but it is not like the 1990’s. From NHPR, “N.H. Schools Will Close If Towns And Cities Don’t Build More Housing.”

Lastly, a story focused on the Upper Valley and how the region’s biggest employers need more places for their employees. From NH Business Review, “In the Upper Valley, Housing is THE Challenge.”