“Well designed supportive housing can create communities that allow people to stabilize, regardless of their specific ‘need’. The benefits of improved physical and mental health may not be felt immediately making it hard to get sufficient financial support.” -Social Service Provider

Coordination efforts among organizations and groups (including developers, support services, housing non-profits/agencies, faith-based groups, local housing trusts, and other stakeholdersare critical to accessing the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience available in the bi-state region. By improving the regularitysubstance, and those involved in coordination for our homes, we can all become more informed, productive, and available to receive positive criticism as we continue to learn and adapt to the needs for the region’s homes.  The Tri-Commissions should continue to engage with developers to inform this initiative with their real-world experiences building homes.  The Tri-Commissions should also consider funding a staff position(s) that serves to advance communications and coordinate with partners to implement this regional housing initiative.