Older residents are often challenged to afford and maintain their preferred home of residence, and not suffer from isolation. Renters are often challenged to find affordable units in their preferred locations. Homeshare programs facilitate an arrangement between 2 or more unrelated people to share common areas of a home, while maintaining private bedrooms. Non-owners pay rent and/or provide help around home. Benefits might include:  

  • Brings in additional income for the homeowner without need for renovation  
  • Companionship and care/assistance 
  • Homesharing program assists with “matchmaking” 

The region should advance thoughtful “matching” of homeowners and renters in need through programs that build trust between and help them establish ground rules and contracts for Homeshare arrangements. These strategies can be spearhead by local and regional entities who should also facilitate disputes that may arise. 

Homeshare in the Woodstock, Vermont area

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